Pistachio nuts attenuate post-meal glucose spikes

Addition of high-quality protein and fat contained in pistachio nuts, to carbohydrate-containing foods or meals reduced the relative glycemic responses 2-h after the meal.

Pistachio nuts attenuate post-meal glucose spikes

A total of 10 overweight but otherwise healthy subjects were given 50 g of carbohydrate portions of rice, pasta or instant mashed potatoes with or without 56 g of pistachios.

Consumption of five or more servings per week of nuts compared with rarely or no intake reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

When the pistachio meals were compared with their respective control meals, the addition of pistachios significantly lowered the glucose responses of both parboiled rice and pasta, whereas the reduction was significant for instant mashed potatoes.

Research: The impact of pistachio intake alone or in combination with high-carbohydrate foods on post-prandial glycemia. Link

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