Research found that high blood sugar is associated with facial aging.

BioPhillip pairs you with a glucose monitor to find foods that spike your blood glucose in near real-time.

Check your blood sugar levels before and 1-2 hours after that first bite of food. We match the spikes to the ingredients in your food pictures to uncover your personalized recommendations.

Simple selfies can track and measure your improvement.


New research shows that our gut bacteria influence how we respond to food. Scientists found "huge" differences even though people ate the same foods. Nutrition is personal!

Simple dietary changes can lead to improvements in mood, energy and general health.

BioPhillip helps find the right lifestyle for you.


Our recommendations are based on the CDC Diabetes Prevention Program and other peer-reviewed research.

The CDC program is shown to help prevent or delay type 2 diabetes, lower the risk of stroke, and help feel more energetic.